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Move in Bayrischzell

Sports hotel in Bavaria: Move facilities

Our Move facilities

Gym Das Bayrischzell Familotel Oberbayern
Sport and fun at Das Bayrischzell Familotel
Sport und Spaß im Familotel das Bayrischzell

Let’s move!

Our sports hotel in Bayrischzell awakens the desire for an active lifestyle. Our Move facilities are aimed at active holidaymakers who want to further improve their performance and guests who want to start an active life.

In addition to the many outdoor activities available in Upper Bavaria, our sports and family hotel in Bayrischzell offers first-class amenities, training equipment, group workouts and experienced coaches.

Our sports hotel in Bavaria offers 1,700 m² of fitness and spa space. Nestled in the Alps, offers the perfect setting for an active holiday in Germany. At Das Bayrischzell Familotel, you can enjoy an active holiday with your children and bring your body and mind back into balance, too.

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Coaching and fitness facilities in Das Bayrischzell Familotel

Our trainers and coaches will develop a tailored exercise plan for you based on your body and performance data and in line with your personal goals. The exercises are designed so that you can easily incorporate them into your everyday life when you return home. This is what makes our Move & Relax programme - designed in collaboration with the Institute for Sports Science at the University of Innsbruck - so special.

  • Performance diagnostics and health check
  • Spiroergometry
  • Bioelectrical impedance analysis
  • Personal training
  • Nutrition consultation
  • Courses & sports programme

Please feel free to contact us: +49 8023 8194 600

Sports hotel services at Das Bayrischzell

Personal trainings

Our coaches determine your current physical condition and work out your personal training plan based on this. Together 
individualised exercises that you can easily do at home. The focus is on healthy joints, a stable and strong 
core, a flexible spine and strong legs and arms. Look forward to learning new exercises in our modern Move area 
to learn new exercises and integrate them into your everyday life.

€89.00 for 60 min personal training

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (incl. consultation)

This analysis provides you with precise information about your current body composition. Your percentage of body water, muscle and body fat 
body fat is determined and your metabolism is optimised by our sports scientists with individual nutrition and training recommendations. 
Optimised by our sports scientists. Exercise, recovery and nutrition are the three most important pillars of a healthy lifestyle.



€ 59,00 for 50 min


Spiroergometry on the bike (incl. consultation)

Spiroergometry is an exercise test on a cycle ergometer. Your breathing is measured during the exercise 
and your performance is recorded using your heart rate. Spiroergometry is a performance check and gives you detailed information about your current fitness level. 
about your current fitness level. Your data will be analysed by our sports scientists and discussed in the subsequent consultation. 
discussed in the subsequent consultation. You will then receive a personalised training recommendation. 



€159.00 for 90 min


Our move facilities

Fitness holiday in the Tegernsee-Schliersee region of the Alps

Our sports hotel is situated in the heart of the picturesque, alpine landscape of the Tegernsee-Schliersee region. Even couch potatoes get the urge to exercise here in the fresh mountain air!

You can plan the perfect active holiday in the region around Bayrischzell: hiking, Nordic walking, jogging, swimming, biking or skiing increase the fitness levels of parents, kids and teens. You’ll find that when you exercise together, you’ll experience unforgettable family adventures. Enjoy spending quality time with your children on an active holiday in the Bavarian Alps.

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Sports holiday with kids - is that possible?

Of course you can plan a sports holiday with your children. You may want to check out the facilities available and outdoor activities on offer in the resort and at the hotel. A family hotel offers parents childcare with qualified staff to allow the grown-ups do intensive training while their children are in good hands. You should also make sure that the range of exercise and leisure activities correspond to the interests of your family and the ages of your children. Anyone who observes these criteria will experience a wonderful active holiday with the whole family.

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