Relax for kids & teens

Relax, enjoy, fun, repeat.

Try cosiness!Our soothing treatments ensure your little ones, kids and teens will experience pure relaxation.


Baby massage | Up to 1 year

You’ll massage your baby on a warmed-up massage bed while we give you instructions on various beneficial techniques. We will also provide you a high-quality massage oil.


€42.00 for 30 min

Little feather ventures on a journey | 3 - 12 years

This gentle massage (body areas agreed prior to treatment) with wonderfully fragrant aromatic oil and feathers supports the development of a good body feeling.

€34.00 for 20 min

Children's massage with chocolate oil | 3 - 15 years

A feel-good massage with fragrant chocolate oil awaits the kids here.

€32.00 for 20 min

Teens massage | 8 - 15 years

Even the young adults need a moment of relaxation. This treatment is for a partial body massage. The invigorating massage is designed to revitalise and relax the entire musculature.

€32.00 for 20 min

Teen treatment | 8 - 15 years

This gentle and effective cleansing treatment includes gentle skin cleansing, a scrub and a face mask, giving your teens a healthy and well-groomed complexion.

€65.00 for 50 min


Manicure with polish | Up to 15 years

Nail treatment includes cutting and filing, pushing back cuticles and polishing, if desired.

€42.00 for 30 min

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