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The most common FAQs.

Seminar und Clubbereich im Familotel das Bayrischzell

A new topic raises many questions. You may have a few that you would like to ask in order to learn more about our revolutionary Move & Relax concept. Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.


What is Move & Relax?

Move & Relax is a 3-pillar concept for a better, healthier and longer life.


What do we want to achieve with Move & Relax?

We want our guests to have a positive experience during their stay and take the opportunity to optimise their health and lifestyle in the long term.


What are the 3 pillars of Move & Relax?

Exercise, regeneration and nutrition.


How does the Move & Relax area differ from other fitness & spa centres?

In the Move & Relax area, guests will have the opportunity to positively influence their lifestyle. The main focus is on ensuring the wellbeing of the guest under the guidance of our Move & Relax staff.


How do you change your lifestyle?

Simple training of body awareness, learning new exercises and techniques, breaking bad habits and courage to change.


What is regeneration and why is it so important?

Active exercise, therapeutic and soothing treatments, fresh air and nature, healthy food and sufficient rest, including a good night’s sleep, are all building blocks of regeneration. Without sufficient regeneration, it is not possible to perform at your best at work and in sports.


What is functional training?

Functional training refers to a workout that is put together for everyday life or for practising sport. Here are two examples: For everyday life, doing exercises to alleviate back or knee pain. For sport, training the muscles required to be fit for skiing in winter.


How important is nutrition in the Move & Relax concept?

Our guests should be able to eat healthily in the morning. We have a healthy Move & Relax corner in every hotel. For dinner, the guest can choose a Move & Relax variant, which is tailored to sporty and health-conscious people.


What is the purpose of the balance pads in the rooms?

The Balance Pads are intended to remind the guest to engage in movement on a daily basis. The simple exercises placed on the mirror are designed to help the guest become aware of their body. The guest will learn additional exercises in the group workouts, designed to encourage him or her to continue training with the pad at home.


What is spiroergometry?

Spiroergometry is an exercise test on a bicycle ergometer. Your breathing is measured during the exercise and the performance is recorded based on heart rate. Spiroergometry is considered a health check and it is recommended you do it twice a year.


What is bioelectrical impedance analysis?

Impedance analysis measures your body composition, which includes your percentage of body water, muscle and fat. The measurement provides information about your metabolism and cells. The impedance analysis is used as a guide for nutrition advice.


How are massages performed in the Move & Relax area?

In our Move & Relax area, there are no typical wellness massages. Our massages are tailored to the respective customer to ensure personalised regeneration. The offer ranges from a feel-good massage to a sports massage and individual therapy. We use high-quality products and oils for our massages.


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