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Seven reasons for seven days

Move & Relax for a new lifestyle.

Sport und Bewegung im Familotel das Bayrischzell
Gym Das Bayrischzell Familotel Oberbayern

Imagine enjoying a week's holiday at Das Bayrischzell and finding a new reason every day for why, how and where exactly your life is changing - improved fitness, health and wellbeing and even more energy!


1. Move & Relax for a new lease on life

New lifestyle. Better balance.

It’s always what you’ve left with that counts. In times like these, we need long-term solutions for our daily lives. The pace of life is getting faster, the challenges are increasing. With Move & Relax, you bring your inner balance to a new level of higher energy and performance, which will stay with you long after you return home. No more short-term holiday resolutions. Instead choose a permanent life change.
At Das Bayrischzell, a team of fitness trainers, coaches and nutrition specialists awaits you. They will offer you tailored training concepts and personal support during your stay, which you can literally take home with you.


2. Because movement connects

Together we are strong.

Shared experiences provide support and forge emotional bonds. Both in the family and in business. In addition, sports, exercise and fitness are more fun when done together. Just like relaxation and regeneration. Motivate each other and cheer each other on. So that your performance improves with ease. Our Move & Relax team is also on hand to assist you. You can count on us both as performance and relaxation coaches.

Move & Relax group workout

We offer different exercise classes every day. Our guests are invited to join the classes free of charge.


3. Regeneration for a refreshing boost

Doing nothing also strengthens

Chill out, work out, let go. That's the other side of the equation. Every action needs regeneration. Action is followed by doing absolutely nothing. We don't always have to tear everything down. Because a good move-life balance also includes rest. Particularly as the storm usually follows quickly after. So always treat yourself to a large dose of silence, passivity - and let yourself be pampered by one of our soothing treatments, from massage to cosmetics.


4. Nutrition enhances the pleasure

Because eating is a pleasure

Healthy food should also taste good. Because culinary pleasure is an essential feel-good factor. The menu should therefore always be tailored to age, lifestyle and personal calorie requirements. Proper nutrition essentially means channelling pleasure in the right direction. Our team will gladly show you how to maintain a balanced diet that you can truly enjoy.


5. Because exercise is the key

Every journey begins with the first step.

Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter, whether morning or evening, come rain or come shine - exercise is possible anytime and anywhere. It's all about taking the first step. And when you return home, you can integrate it into your personal lifestyle or work day. Here you’ll discover there are some many great activities on offer in and around Das Bayrischzell, regardless of ability and season. They include safe, outdoor adventures (some guided) as well as indoor workouts that will give you a new lease on life.


6. Inner balance - the path to happiness

Every yin has its yang

Motion creates emotion. And exercise is the key to many moments of happiness. Regular exercise boosts circulation and clears your head for new challenges, fresh perspectives and improves mental agility. The mix of exercise, relaxation and balanced diet increases the feeling of happiness. The brain refreshes itself, giving you a positive outlook - and everything takes on a new, forward-looking dynamic.


7. Because Move & Relax incorporates scientific findings

A tailored Move & Relax concept based on sports science.

Extensive research is crucial for obtaining proven knowledge. This also applies to complex sports science. That's why we work closely with sports scientists from the University of Innsbruck and use the know-how from professional sport, and apply it to our programmes, which are tailored to your personal needs.


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