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Bayrischzell in Upper Bavaria.

Picture-book idyll at the foot of the Wendelstein.

Blick auf den Wendelstein
Das Bayrischzell Familotel from above
Bird's eye view of Bayrischzell

Holidays in Bayrischzell – as the name suggests, the village is the embodiment of traditional Bavarian life. Nestled in the idyllic Bavarian Alps, it attracts visitors from all over the world who come to discover its scenic beauty. Sustainable tourism and a family-friendly atmosphere make it one of the most pleasant holiday destinations in Bavaria. Together with the districts of Osterhofen and Geitau, we welcome you to a world where life is still as wonderful as in days gone by...

Bavarian charm at Bayrischzell.

The charm is definitely Bavarian here. Warm, authentic, friendly and hearty. As if conjured up by a painter, the idyllic alpine landscape and the village at the foot of Mt. Wendelstein inspire visitors to explore the great outdoors and discover peace and relaxation in the German Alps. The region offers a wide range of outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, tobogganing and skiing. Visitors can soak up more Bavarian cosiness at traditional folklore evenings, forest and village festivals, concerts and theatre performances, perfectly rounding off your holiday with music.


Film location Bayrischzell

Thanks to its spectacular beauty in spring, Bayrischzell was chosen as the film location for a fictional village for the ZDF Herzkino series Frühling (spring) starring Simone Thomalla. Many other production companies use Bayrischzell as a location due to its unique combination of kitschy-romantic scenery and traditionnal customs. For example, the opening scene of the cult film Wer früher stirbt, ist länger tot (He who dies earlier is dead for longer) directed by Markus H. Rosenmüller shows a flight from the Wendelstein summit towards Lake Schliersee, and his subsequent film Wer's glaubt, wird selig (He who believes will be blessed) was largely shot in Sudelfeld.

Who knows, maybe you too will soon write your own personal holiday screenplay in Bayrischzell – with a happy ending, of course. It will definitely be worth an Oscar!


Folk costume and tradition in Bayrischzell

There is no future without a past. And without roots there is no growth. That's why the typical Bavarian export hits such as folk costumes, tradition, customs, dialect and “Heimat” (in Bavarian "Hoamat") from Bayrischzell go way back into the past and are often associated with exciting stories.


First folk costume association

Bayrischzell is the birthplace of many important traditions. This includes the folk costume movement as we know it today. In the late 19th century, a teacher called Josef Vogl founded the first folk costume association at Gasthof Neuwirt in Bayrischzell. The founding restaurant, which later became Gasthof Wendelstein and is now called Alpenwirt, still delights folk costume enthusiasts today.

In 1888, co-founder Martin Staudacher wrote: “At the beginning of 1883, five to six young men from Zell, including the former teacher Vogl, were sitting together on a Sunday evening, pleasantly as usual, over a glass of beer, chatting about this and that. During the conversation, they came to talk about the local folk costume and how it was already disappearing. Because at that time you only saw hunters wearing it and it was very rare for hunters to walk around in shorts. As the conversation went on, it got to the point where Teacher Vogel said that if he wasn't the only one, he would immediately buy himself a pair of shorts, just so that this beautiful costume wouldn't disappear completely. Encouraged by Teacher Vogl's words, the five young men agreed one after the other that they were ready to buy a pair of shorts and put them on straight away. Suddenly Teacher Vogl said very boldly: 'You know what? Let’s form an association!’”

No sooner said than done. The first Bavarian folk costume association was duly founded - and the original leather shorts worn by Teacher Josef Vogel still exist today, preserved in honour of the former head of the folk costume association. A folk costume monument was erected at the entrance to the local cemetery to commemorate the founder of the Mountain Costume Preservation Association Bayrischzell.

Martin Staudacher, after whom the street Martin-Staudacher-Weg in the village centre was named, gained fame in 1883 when he composed the Bayrischzell song with the well-known lines:


"Do you know the valley in the Alps bloomin'
where the mountains glow red in the evening.
The source roars down mightily
the hunter boldly eavesdrops on the game?
Where the alpine song strikes a chord
and echoes in the mountains?
Where the bells ring clear
in this valley lies Bayrischzell."

Martin Staudacher

Erected in October 1923, the Bayrischzell War Memorial shows the unique connection between the village and folk costumes and customs. The warrior is depicted in the local costume and not, as was customary, in a soldier's uniform.

Tradition and customs still plays an important role in Bayrischzell today. Folk costumes, music and old values are maintained and cherished, and passed on from generation to generation to ensure a strong and tangible "hoamat feeling" Bayrischzell and the surrounding region.


Bayrischzeller Musikkapelle

The Bayerischzeller Musikkapelle (brass band) was founded over 150 years ago. It was launched on 30 November 1867 by another teacher, Jakob Fromberger, and originally comprised 12 musicians from Bavaria. As tourism found its way into the sleepy village at the foot of Mt. Wendelstein after the end of the First World War, it saw the introduction of the first spa concerts in 1926 and the opening of the Music Pavilion in 1932 in the newly built spa complex (spa gardens). The Bayrischzeller Musikkapelle still delights audiences at many events, adding a festive touch to celebrations, even today.


Bayrischzell districts


The charm and character of the village on Mt. Wendelstein makes an impression on visitors. The approx. 7-minute breathtaking ascent on the Wendelstein cable car to the mountain station leaves every guest in awe. The Hochkreuth plateau, the romantic panorama and a feeling of being in a place where time stands still, inspire many hikes, especially up to the summit of Mt. Wendelstein.


Geitau is a place of enjoyment all year round. The beautiful farms, traditional inns and the lovely ambience invite you to rest and savour a hearty meal after a long hike or bike tour. Visitors can choose from a variety of hiking trails in the district: from the leisurely valley hike around the glider airfield to the demanding mountain tour in the Rotwand area. In winter, the district’s well-groomed trails invite you to go cross-country skiing to Bayrischzell and then on to the Zipflwirt restaurant.


Families with children and winter sports enthusiasts can enjoy skiing in one of the largest and most popular ski areas in Bavaria. Nestled in the beautiful Wendelstein region, it offers wide slopes for all ages and levels of ability. Modern 8-seater and 6-seater chairlifts guarantee a quick and comfortable ride to the ski area. In addition to two children's areas, there is a snow park and freeride cross routes in the Sudelfeld Action World, as well as rustic alpine huts and mountain inns.



Treat yourself to something special!

Everything you need

Holiday time is shopping time. A little shopping spree is part and parcel of any holiday. In our idyllic alpine village Bayrischzell, you’ll find everything your heart desires. There is a wide selection of shops with a range of beautiful accessories and souvenirs, as well as fashion stores where you can buy the latest trends and the finest folk costumes. Here you can shop without the hustle and bustle, which makes shopping fun. In addition to the baker and the butcher, you will also find a hairdresser, a flower shop, a pharmacy, a doctor and dentist, a supermarket with a full range and almost everything else you need for your day-to-day requirements right here in the village. Happy shopping!


Apotheke Fischbachau (pharmacy)

Kloster Apotheke

Wolfseeweg 1

83730 Fischbachau

Blumencafe Kramerin (florist/café)

Decorations and small gifts. Flowers of all kinds: bouquets, wreaths and flower arrangements. Coffee, tea, beer from the Scheyern Monastery Brewery and homemade cakes.
Frau Marita Acher
Osterhofen 22
83735 Bayrischzell


Bio-Bäckerei-Butz (organic bakery)

Our regional artisan bakery produces a wide range of rolls, bread, small baked goods and whole grain products for you every day, mostly organic. Our regional pastries, cakes and tortes, including our popular wedding cakes/tortes, are freshly made. Depending on the season, we also sell donuts, cookies, stollen and our well-known plum cake. Our ice cream is prepared according to old traditions using only the finest regional ingredients. All our ice cream flavours are gluten-free. Lactose-free and even vegan ice cream are also available. From mid-May to October you can treat yourself to some at the Alpencafe in Bayrischzell as well as at our branch in Hausham.
Robert Butz
Krapfen 7
83735 Bayrischzell


Blumenstube Gasteiger (florist)

The most beautiful day in life also deserves the most beautiful flowers! We fulfil your wishes for your wedding to your complete satisfaction. We make bridal bouquets, brooches, hair accessories and matching table decorations. We can also decorate your wedding car and the church...
Monika Gasteiger
Sudelfeldstraße 4
83735 Bayrischzell


Haus der Geschenke (gift shop)

Hans Heckmair
Tiroler Straße 4
83735 Bayrischzell


Laura & Ben Stoffladen (textile shop)

We sell a wide selection of children's fabrics, organic fabrics, dirndl and apron fabrics as well as woven ribbons, decorative borders, iron-on motifs, patterns and much more.
Laura & Ben Stoffladen
Schlierseer Str. 11
83735 Bayrischzell


Post Bayrischzell

Elektro Berger (electronic goods store)
Schlierseer Str. 13, 83735 Bayrischzell
MON – SAT 9:00 am - 12:30 pm
MON 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm


Sparkasse Bayrischzell (bank)

Sudelfeldstraße 1
83735 Bayrischzell


Supermarkt Edeka

Seebergstr. 1
83735 Bayrischzell


Schreibwaren Grimm (stationer)

Schlierseer Straße 5
83735 Bayrischzell

Metzgerei Linderer (butcher shop)

Ludwig Albert
Schlierseer Straße 7
83735 Bayrischzell


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