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Incentives & Teambuildings

Some like it relaxed.

Hikes, excursions & tours

Start the day with a power workout in the hotel's Move & Relax area. Or listen to the birds chirping on a hike during your free time. In the evening, you can enjoy a relaxing spa session - saunas, massages and the pools await.
And because meeting new friends is a memorable part of any holiday, you can round off your day at our cosy hotel bar. A glass or two of red wine not only calms the nerves after a busy seminar day, but also guarantees a good night’s sleep and gets you in the mood for a new successful day.


Hike to Bergcafé Siglhof

45 min. walking time, 190 m elevation gain, difficulty: easy

We start at the hotel and follow the Wendelstein-Männlein-Weg trail up to Bergcafé Siglhof. Along the way, we'll stop at a waterfall and savour the magnificent view of the Wendelstein massif. At the mountain café, we recommend you try one of the wonderful homemade cakes (additional charge applies) or we can enjoy a picnic together on the alpine meadow.


Hike to Speck-Alm and Waller Alm

2 h walking time, 728 m elevation gain, difficulty: easy but steep

We start at the hotel and head towards Tanneralm - central Sudelfeld. Once there, we'll walk up the paved road to upper Sudelfeld, past the reservoir and enjoy the view of Bayrischzell and Mt. Wendelstein. Along the way, we'll stop at one of the cosy alpine inns, Speck Alm or Waller Alm (additional charge applies), to recharge our batteries.
As an additional service, we offer you a hiking backpack with a tasty snack and hire hiking boots and hiking poles.


Torch hike

30 min. Walking time, 200 m elevation gain, difficulty: easy

We welcome you in front of the hotel entrance and then walk together with torches through the Bayrischzell nature at night. We then end the hike at the fire bowl with mulled wine or a cool beer (depending on the weather).


Handcart excursion

We give you a handcart filled with drinks (beer, Prosecco, soft drinks, juices and water) and a snack. You can then strike out on your own with a tour map and discover the beautiful Bayrischzell landscape together.


Partner for sports, games and fun


Station Bayrischzell
Bahnhofstrasse 6
83735 Bayrischzell
Telefon: +49 8023 78390 10


Top On Mountain

Dorfbachstr. 8
D-83098 Brannenburg


Top on Snow

Activities available

  • Bavarian Olympics
  • Guided hikes (summer & winter)
  • Guided bike, road bike or e-bike tours
  • Rafting/Canyoning
  • Paragliding
  • Climbing/Via ferrata
  • High ropes course
  • Archery
  • Stand up paddeling
  • Team training
  • Snowshoe hike
  • Snow tubing
  • Tobogganing
  • Ski and snowboard training


Our team building tip

Bavarian Olympics

At the Bavarian Olympics, participants compete in a range of traditional challenges that encourage team spirit and ensure everyone has a good time. The emphasis is on fun and participation - the disciplines should therefore not be taken too seriously. Challenges include mug lifting, nail hammering and sawing wood!

Teams of 5 to 8 persons compete against each other. Each team is assigned a mentor who explains the rules of the competition and provides advice and suggestions during the games. After completing the four disciplines selected, which takes about two hours, the best team is chosen as the winner and celebrated in a fun award ceremony.

Disciplines available:

  • 3-person skiing/5-person skiing (depending on group size)
    Team building: There is space for 3, 4 or 5 person on one pair of skis. Don't worry, this is not an alpine descent. Nevertheless, a lot of trust and coordination are required!
  • Beer mug sliding (also possible indoors)
    Fun discipline: Who can slide a beer mug the furthest on a wooden table?
  • Nailing hammering (also possible indoors)
    Fun discipline: Who can sink a steel nail with the fewest hits? Of course, you won't be using a normal hammer.
  • Sawing
    Team building: Two participants saw through a log with a traditional saw. Who can do it the fastest? Good coordination and teamwork are also required here.
  • Pretzel throwing (also possible indoors)
    Fun discipline: One participant throws a wooden pretzel and the second catches it with his or her apron.
  • Beer mug lifting (also possible indoors)
    Fun discipline: How long can a man/woman hold a mug full of beer with an outstretched arm? Ready, set, go!
  • Sack rack
    Team building: The hoppers have to hop back and forth, quickly swap the sack with their colleague and then it's the next person's turn. Which team is the fastest?
  • Wheelbarrow race
    Team building: In teams of two, build a wheelbarrow using a rubber wheel. Who is the smartest and fastest?


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