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Our coaches, trainers and therapists have put together a variety of Move & Relax combo offers for you to choose from. Below you’ll find affordable highlights as well as beneficial training and relaxation-enhancing combo deals.



(Valid for hotel and day guests)

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Move packages

Move Premium

An assessment of your current training status is essential to achieving long-term success. We offer you a bioelectrical impedance analysis that gives you data about your body composition. You can also have your endurance capacity measured here by means of spiroergometry. The values obtained about your physiological parameters are used in our follow-up personal training consultation to give you training recommendations and, if desired, to create a personalised training plan. We support you during your stay to pursue your goals and assist you with our know-how in any training activity.


The package includes:
1 Bioelectrical impedance analysis
1 spiroergometry on the bicycle ergometer
1 personal training session with training plan

€259.00 for 150 min


Move & Diet

Your body composition is determined using bioelectrical impedance analysis. Based on parameters such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, bone density, etc., a nutritionist will work with you to develop your training goal and give you personal nutrition recommendations. You will also receive a nutrition plan that guarantees you long-term success.


The package includes:
1 Bioelectrical impedance analysis
1 nutrition coaching session

€98.00 for 75 min

Family Aerial Sling

The Family Train Package includes 50 minutes of fabric acrobatics with an aerial sling. The fabric hangs from the ceiling in a loop and exercises are carried out on it without contact with the floor. The exercises are designed to improve coordination, mobility and strength. We will teach you the basic techniques, such as turning and climbing on the sling and overhead movements. This training tool is suitable for the whole family.


4 persons (2 adults, 2 children 8-15 years)


€89.00 for 60 min

Relax packages

Face & Hands

Revitalising facial treatment for a youthful radiance, while your hands also receive excellent care.


The package includes:
Deep cleansing
Eyebrow shaping
Eye care and finishing touches
Manicure with polish

€157.00 for 110 min

Body & face

A skin care treatment for body and face. Enjoy a relaxing body massage with coconut oil, followed by an intensive moisturising treatment for your face, neck, décolleté and hands.


€154.00 for 110 min


Family Relax

Parents can enjoy 2 Relax vitamin smoothies in the relaxation lounge while your children relax with a full body massage.


€49.00 for 30 min for 1 child
€98.00 or 60 min for 2 children (massage 30 min each)

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Relax packages

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