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Massages and other spa treatments.

Let yourself be pampered by our healing hands.

"Tell me how you feel and I'll tell you who you are."Relaxing means that time can stand still or at least the clocks tick more slowly. Lower the inner energy level, let your thoughts come to rest - and redefine your inner centre. As the place to arrive, to come home. And where you want to stay.
Actually it's not that difficult. For once, focus your attention on yourself. Start enjoying yourself. Rediscover yourself. And think earnestly about yourself. Suddenly you’ll feel young, light, exhilarated, full of energy and ready to take off. Maybe with the help of a massage that gets under your skin? Stimulate the trigger points. Activate the nerves. And relax the muscles.



Classic massage

The classic massage is used to relax, loosen and stretch the muscle tissue as well as to additionally strengthen the muscles. It acts like a passive movement therapy. At the same time, the blood circulation in the tissue and skin is stimulated, which has a positive effect on your circulation and well-being. circulation and your well-being.



€ 45,00 for 25 min partial body massage
€ 85,00 for 50 min full body massage

€ 125.00 for 75 min full body massage


Sports massage

Your muscles and connective tissue are loosened with an intensive, pressurised massage technique. The blood circulation in your body is stimulated and your muscular regeneration is optimised. We recommend this treatment as a revitalising treatment after an exercise session to to be fit and vital again afterwards.


€ 45.00 for 25 min massage

€ 85.00 for 50 min massage

€ 125.00 for 75 min massage


Detoxifying massage

Lymphatic drainage stimulates the transport of lymph in the lymph vessels and thus promotes the elimination of metabolic products. By lymphatic drainage gently strokes the skin to relieve localised lymph congestion, such as that caused by chronic inflammation or after sports injuries and operations. after sports injuries and operations.

€ 45.00 for 25 min

€ 45.00 for 50 min


Face, Head and Neck Massage

A nice face, neck and head massage can work wonders. After just a short time, you will slip into an absolute relaxation phase, blockages are released and headaches are relieved. Simply switch off and enjoy.

€ 49.00 for 25 min


Honey-Back Massage

The special plucking massage is performed with pure natural honey. The metabolism is stimulated, waste products are released from the tissue and the muscles are loosened. The honey has a moisturising and anti-inflammatory effect and stimulates blood circulation.


€ 47,00 for 25 min


A wellness massage to relax body and mind: gentle, slow and even touches bring the body into a relaxed state. touches bring the body into a relaxed state. The aim of the massage is to harmonise your body and mind and revitalise it with new energy.

€ 47.00 for 25 min

€ 87.00 for 50 min

€ 127.00 for 75 min



Wellness Break

A soothing treatment for your whole body: after a full-body scrub, enjoy a nourishing moisturising pack moisturising pack, which is worked into the skin with gentle massage strokes.

€ 89.00 for 50 min


Herbal stamp massage

Linen bags filled with herbs are passed over the tense muscles in circular and gently tapping movements. tense muscles. The interplay of heat, massage and aromas relieves tension and stimulates the metabolism. This strengthens the immune system and circulation and alleviates joint problems and rheumatic complaints.

€ 54.00 for 25 min

€ 95.00 for 50 min

€ 135.00 for 75 min


Foot Massage

The body is a finely tuned and co-operating unit. By activating the reflex pathways with pressure using a special special massage technique, all of your body's organs and muscles are activated. The individual reflex zones on the soles of your feet are assigned to specific organs and tissues. This pressure point massage increases your well-being and at the same time activates your self-healing powers.

€ 45.00 for 25 min

€ 85.00 for 50 min


Body treatments

Aquathermojet application

The AquaThermoJet® supports regeneration from overstraining and promotes relaxation with 24 ergonomically arranged rotating water jets, rotating water jet nozzles. Massage movements with the warm water jet and a temperature of approx. 35 degrees improve the improves blood circulation in the tissue and activates the metabolism.

€ 25.00 for 30 min

Warm salt stone massage

A full body massage with warm salt crystal stones allows the body and mind to relax completely. The salt crystal stones also have a pain-relieving effect on the muscles, activate the metabolism, improve microcirculation and energise and relax. 


€ 89.00 for 50 min


Anti-Cellulite Treatment

The anti-cellulite treatment actively stimulates the metabolism and promotes blood circulation, giving the skin new elasticity and a smoother appearance. smoother. Starting with a special anti-cellulite product, the skin is optimally prepared for the massage and cupping technique. The stomach, legs and buttocks are then packed with a cream tailored to the condition of the skin. While the skin is supplied with nutrients nourished, body and mind enjoy a relaxing waterbed massage in the Aquathermojet.


€ 89.00 for 50 min


Cleansing back massage

This treatment gives the skin on your back exactly the care it needs. Thanks to intensive cleansing and and targeted care, it is wonderfully revitalised and feels soft - for a back to be proud of.


€ 55.00 for 30 min


Body scrub and packs

Body peeling

The nourishing and natural peeling gently removes dead skin cells. The cell renewal and blood circulation of your skin are activated and and ensure a velvety body feeling.


€ 47,00 for 25 min

Body wrap and waterbed massage

A nourishing moisturising wrap for the whole body: while the skin is nourished, body and mind enjoy a relaxing waterbed massage in the Aquathermojet.


€ 55,00 for 30 min

Mud pack

Our natural mud pack has a circulation-promoting and metabolism-stimulating effect, which in turn leads to an increase in cell activity and a strengthening of the immune system.  The anti-inflammatory effect makes this the perfect treatment for muscle tension and stiffness after active exercise.


€  47,00 for 25 min

Body scrub and body wrap

The perfect combination for skin in need of care: the natural scrub gently removes dead, dry skin cells. This prepares your skin for intensive absorption of the body wrap of your choice.


€ 89,00 for 50 min

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