Massages and other spa treatments.

Let yourself be pampered by our healing hands.

"Tell me how you feel and I'll tell you who you are."Relaxing means that time can stand still or at least the clocks tick more slowly. Lower the inner energy level, let your thoughts come to rest - and redefine your inner centre. As the place to arrive, to come home. And where you want to stay.
Actually it's not that difficult. For once, focus your attention on yourself. Start enjoying yourself. Rediscover yourself. And think earnestly about yourself. Suddenly you’ll feel young, light, exhilarated, full of energy and ready to take off. Maybe with the help of a massage that gets under your skin? Stimulate the trigger points. Activate the nerves. And relax the muscles.



Classic massage | Relieves tension

For the classic massage, we use strong grips to work deep into the muscles. The whole body or a part of the body, such as the back, is massaged. This treatment is an invigorating massage to revitalise and relax the entire musculature.


€40.00 for 20 min partial body massage
€78.00 for 50 min full body massage


sports massage | Trigger points

The sports massage is a combination of classic massage, fascia therapy and manual joint therapy. This massage helps alleviate severe tension and injuries.

€40.00 for 20 min
€78.00 for 50 min


Aroma oil massage | Deep relaxation

Bring your body back into balance with a relaxing full body massage. This massage, applied with an aromatic oil of your choice, relieves muscular tension and lets you forget the stress of everyday life.

€42.00 for 20 min
€80.00 for 50 min


Forest bee honey massage | Detoxifying

The honey massage works deep into your back tissue. The honey is absorbed directly into the skin via the reflex zones, along with various ingredients such as vitamins, enzymes and minerals. This strengthens the whole body. The honey massage is by no means a relaxation treatment. Thanks to the special push and knead technique, the tissue is intensively supplied with blood and your metabolism is stimulated. This makes it ideal for muscle tension, which is often associated with pain and joint problems.

€42.00 for 20 min


Herbal stamp massage | Soothing

Linen bags filled with herbs are passed over tense muscles in circular, gentle tapping movements. The combination of heat, massage and aromas relieves tension and stimulates your metabolism.

€119.00 for 75 min


Basalt hot stone massage | Deep warmth

The combination of gentle massage and warmth that goes deep works wonders on even the most persistent tensions. For this treatment, warm basalt stones glide gently over aromatic oils on your skin. The basalt hot stone massage brings your energy centre into balance, leaving you feeling relaxed and wonderful all over.

€119.00 for 75 min

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Face, head and neck massage | Releases tension

This face, head and neck massage, also known as anti-headache massage, is based on various massage techniques for the head and neck area. It is a stimulating, loosening and regenerating massage.

€49.00 for 30 min


Foot massage | Soothing stress relief

The body is a finely tuned, interconnected system. The reflex zones on the soles of your feet are linked to specific organs and tissues. Applying pressure to these reflex pathways can stimulate any organ or muscle in your body. This is achieved by using pressure point massage, which increases your wellbeing and activates your self-healing capacity.



€49.00 for 30 min


Hydroxeur massage bath | Basic relaxation

The Hydroxeur bath is a form of underwater massage. 144 jets ensure that micro-fine air is mixed into the water, giving you a unique underwater massage. It stimulates circulation and has a relaxing effect on the muscles. When used with basic salt, it alleviates stress and has a detoxifying effect.

€39.00 for 20 min


AquathermoJet® | Waterbed massage

The AquaThermoJet massages you from the feet to the neck like a physiotherapist. Instead of the hands of a therapist, you’ll feel tempered water jets that rotate within a film casing. This allow you to experience the healing power of water without getting wet. The AquaThermoJet features 32 jets placed ergonomically in 6 zones and is an approved medical device.

€19.00 for 20 min


Body treatments

Cleansing back treatment | Intensive

This treatment gives the skin on your back the attention it needs. Thanks to intensive cleaning and special care, your skin will feel wonderfully revitalised and soft – for a back you can be proud of.


The package includes:

Deep cleansing
Special mask


€82.00 for 50 min


Salt massage | Detoxifying and revitalising

An exclusive detoxifying and revitalising treatment for body and mind combined with a specific massage technique. The use of pure, high-quality salt as a body wrap and for the massage - with the help of salt stones - ensures a cleansing and light body feeling. The extraordinary effect of the Himalayan salt and the essential minerals also contribute to this. This massage relieves muscle pain, stimulates metabolism, improves microcirculation and provides more energy in times of mental stress.

€82.00 for 50 min


New life, new mum | Pregnancy treatment for improved skin elasticity

This firming treatment with organic tamanu oil inhibits the formation of stretch marks, stimulates blood circulation, helps combat swelling, nourishes the skin and renders it supple and elastic.

€89.00 for 60 min


Anti-cellulite treatment | Promotes metabolism

This cellulite treatment actively stimulates metabolism and blood circulation, which means that your skin regains its elasticity and appears smoother. We start with a special anti-cellulite cream to optimally prepare your skin for the massage and the cupping therapy. We then wrap your legs tightly with active ingredients. This holistic application will improve your complexion and skin condition.

€82.00 for 50 min


Salt scrub | Delicate skin

The sea salt scrub, mixed with grape seed oil, is pleasantly massaged in with an aromatic oil of your choice. The sea salt grains gently remove dry skin cells and stimulate skin regeneration. This scrub ensures smooth and evenly radiant skin.

€49.00 for 30 min


Spa break | Relaxation

A soothing treatment for your whole body. Relax with a nourishing full body wrap, followed by facial treatment.


This package includes:

Nourishing full body wrap
Facial cleansing with cereal peeling
Jade stone massage with mint-balm tonic
Finishing treatment with edelweiss


€59.00 for 40 min


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